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Product Design (Community)



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New York, NY, USA · United States · Canada · Mexico
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Product Design (Community)

At Stark, our mission is to make the world's products accessible for everyone. Stark’s suite of tools helps companies supercharge accessibility from months of arduous manual work, to minutes with ease. Through smart integrations and intelligent automation, we empower software teams adhere to the latest accessibility standards by providing instant accessibility fixes — from design to code.

Benefits of working at Stark

💰  Competitive Salary
🍼  Paid Parental Leave
🦮  Disability Support
🖥️  Hardware Setup
💜  Healthcare (Fully Paid)
🌱 Sick Leave
🤝 Team Retreats
🌎  Remote Work
🏝️  PTO (30 Days)
🏠 401K Match
🚀  Annual Hack Week

What Stark needs

Hey there! We’re looking to have someone to join our team as our Design Advocate. Stark’s community of designers, developers, and product managers is one of a kind and something we’re incredibly proud of. The product makers in our community are committed to learning, sharing, and collaborating around all things accessibility.
At Stark, the thread that holds us together is our collective eagerness to learn from and teach each other! We need someone that is first and foremost a maker, can teach us what they’re doing and is eager to learn from others as part of a quality-driven organization.
As the company grows so does your impact and role; you’ll have a lot of autonomy and agency. And you’d also be engaging with the super active Stark community, learning about the needs of makers across the world and helping educate them, and the opportunity to draw inspiration from their worlds so that we can truly turn the software world upside down and make the world’s software accessible to everyone.

What you'll find yourself doing

🗣️  Be a true advocate for the community, and work cross-functionally with our teams to ensure a truly exceptional product experience — moving accessibility forward.
❤️ Building Bridges: You’ll get the opportunity to foster and maintain relationships with people in the community everywhere they are. Participate in and lead discussions, engage with members, and answer questions in a way that fosters inclusion and trust.
🛠️  Create resources, write best practice guides, and host events to help our users and customers better understand how to use Stark based on their needs.
🤝 Host community events with and for community members to bring experts in the design, development, product management, and overarching accessibility space together over a particular topic.
💸  Sales enablement: For key high value accounts, join sales demos to explain the product, share best practices, and answer technical questions.
⭐️ Identify and help community members become a superstar(k) by listening to their ideas and putting them in positions to contribute—from beta programs and contributions of content, to running accessibility communities all over the world.
🧭 Strategizing and executing on initiatives to help grow awareness, engage the community, and retention—reaching current and new audiences.
🧪  Consistently launch and monitor experiments designed to impact user engagement, retention, and overall delight.
🐛 You’ll funnel feedback, engage in convo when folks share what they want or need, and assist in triaging support issues.


If you don't think you qualify based on 100% of what's below? Don't sweat it. Reach out anyway, please! We don't look at degrees. We think it's fantastic you have one, but we don't use it to evaluate. Preferred candidates have a strong understanding of their craft, experience with accessibility, compliance, or design/dev tools, and are excited about this space.

Your technical skills

You have a maker mindset.
You’re compassionate, enjoy connecting with people, and love educating.
End-to-end design skills (from ideation and customer journeys to high-fidelity visuals and prototyping skills).
An excellent portfolio rooted in and showcasing strong foundations in typography, visual design, interactions, and overall user experience.
You have a strong understanding of the craft of design and have a high benchmark for what world class experiences look and feel like.
Extensive experience with designer and developer tools like Sketch, Figma, Github, and more.
You've designed and shipped apps and websites that are responsive, beautiful, accessible, performant, and/or cross-platform.
Extensive experience as a product designer with a focus on cross-platform work.
You get the design and developer community.
You think in systems, and are able to extrapolate and capitalize on patterns and behaviors.
You care and understand the array of technical constraints, user goals, and business requirements that shape a product.
Experience with fundamentals of front-end development (HTML, CSS, React is a plus)
Experience collaborating with individuals across disciplines.
Bonus: Experience using Stark and ideally are a fan already.
Bonus: Experience working with a community specifically for design/developer products.
Bonus: Experience designing in a startup.
Bonus: Experience designing for B2B and/or design<>developer products.

Your core skills

Excellent ability to communicate clearly and collaboratively in the method most comfortable or possible for you.
Problem-solving skills (you’re a creative maker and can’t leave something alone until it’s fixed).
An active learner's mentality that is comfy asking for help.
Ability to self-manage when it comes to time, organization, responsibilities, etc.
You have an eagerness to grow and develop new skills.
Bonus Points: Use of emoji and sarcasm. 🐨 (It’s a koala-ty place to work)

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email us at apply@getstark.co. Be sure to:
Include the role's title in your subject line.
Tell us a bit about you!
Send along any links you're comfortable with to best showcase the relevant things you've written, contributed to, kickstarted, shipped, etc.
If you require any special accomodations at any stage of our interview process, please let us know. In your application, please feel free to note which pronouns you use (for example - she/her, he/him, they/them, etc).
We're looking forward to hearing from you!
P.S. Did someone share this post with you? Tell us who so we can tell them how grateful we are for connecting us! Talk soon, The Stark Team